Netflix’s Faith In ‘Big Mouth’ Couldn’t Be More Evident In This Renewal Announcement


This week, Netflix’s cancellation of the beloved Tuca and Bertie series puzzled viewers in the same way as the streamer’s nixing of One Day At A Time and Santa Clarita Diet did earlier this year. All three shows boasted highly vocal supporters on social media, but given that Netflix keeps its data close to its digital sleeve, we really don’t know how they decide which shows stay and which must go. Well, Netflix has decided to keep one fan-favorite show (and its attending hormone monsters) around in a major way with an announcement to match.

“#BigMouth has been renewed for THREE more seasons!” the streaming giant tweeted. “Additionally, Brutus Pink (the newly formed animation production company from creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin & Jennifer Flackett) have signed a multi-year deal to produce animated series and films for Netflix.”

Excellent news, yes? Well, people love their filthy cartoons! And if Rick and Morty could be renewed by Cartoon Network for 70 more episodes, then Netflix could only stir up goodwill by churning out a multi-year deal for more of Big Mouth. Of course, that’s probably an order for about half of what Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty received, but any good news is welcome. More Nick Kroll and more relentlessly hilarious jokes about puberty to come. No arguments there.

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