Maria Bamford’s ‘Lady Dynamite’ Is The Latest Female-Fronted Comedy To Be Canceled By Netflix


The instant Lady Dynamite debuted, it almost seemed like the countdown was on until cancelation. Shows as brilliantly off-center, subversive and challenging as the Maria Bamford comedy are always in perpetual danger of getting axed and on Saturday Netflix elected to part ways with the critically lauded series.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the streaming giant isn’t going ahead with a third season of Bamford’s series. Netflix has been moving in a direction of trimming down their current roster of original programs with a number of casualties (Marco Polo, Bloodline, The Get Down, Love, Gypsy). Female-fronted comedies have arguably seen the most aggressive cuts from the gameplan. In addition to Lady Dynamite‘s recent axing, Girlboss and Haters Back Off have also been snuffed out in the past six months. All three of those shows are very different, but there’s something semi-glaring about this trend whether it’s intentional or not.

Created by Arrested Development mastermind Mitch Hurwitz and South Park writer/producer Pam Brady, Lady Dynamite is loosely based on the life of its star Maria Bamford. It’s hard to think of a future scripted series serving up this brand of unfiltered Bammer goodness, but it’s also impossible to imagine Bamford’s talents will go to waste after this Netflix goodbye.