The Wise Head Of Netflix Says It Would Be ‘Dumb’ To Not Make ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

The creative team behind Stranger Things knows a thing or two about being patient, since they went through more than a dozen rejections before landing at Netflix. But now they’re playing a different kind of waiting game, hoping to hear official word from the streaming service that the show has been renewed for a second season. That call has yet to come, though some new comments from the company’s CEO indicate that things look good for Things‘ future.

Reed Hastings stopped just short of giving the official word on a renewal, but said in an interview with The Guardian, “we would be dumb not to” bring the show back. Hastings added that Netflix takes popular opinion into consideration when weighing what shows to re-up, and told The Guardian that its user ratings on IMDb make it clear that fans are invested in the show.

While it’s frustrating that Hastings won’t just announce season two already (especially considering the glut of shows that were just handed renewals in recent days, including the critically derided Rob Schneider sitcom Real Rob), his comments have to give creators Matt and Ross Duffer some hope that the news they’ve been anxiously awaiting will indeed arrive soon. After all, they’ve already outlined a detailed plan for the show’s sophomore season, and fans are probably equally as anxious as the Duffers to see that plan through. We just hope that expensive shows like The Get Down didn’t gobble up Netflix’s entire budget.

(Via: The Guardian)