The First Official Stills From ‘Jessica Jones’ Show Luke Cage On Fire

Amid all the movie news, it’s slipped under the radar a bit that Netflix gave us our first real look at Jessica Jones. Or, more aptly from these stills, Luke Cage: Man on Fire. No, We Mean Literally. Get An Extinguisher.

See for yourself:

This would appear to be our introduction to Luke in the series. For those unfamiliar, Luke Cage has steel-hard skin and super-strength, so a little fire isn’t going to bother him too much. Luke’s somewhat reinvented for the Netflix series as a street-level hero not unlike Daredevil; he’s quieter about his abilities and careful about when and where he uses them.

As for why he still has a jacket after this, well, one assumes clothing has improved substantially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark probably has an entire fashion line by now.

Jessica Jones is on the schedule to premiere sometime in 2015. There’s currently no specific release date, but if Marvel’s graphic novel release schedule is any guide, expect the series this fall.

(Via Comics Beat)