Netflix Is Looking To Get ‘Lost In Space’ With A New Remake

Danger, Netflix viewers, danger. You may be soon adding another series to your queue list to binge watch in the foreseeable future. Plans are underway to bring Irwin Allen’s 1965 cult science fiction series, Lost in Space, to Netflix after the streaming service secured the rights to the project. Netflix won out on the project over many other interested parties who were also bidding on the property.

The version of Lost in Space that will be heading to Netflix is being touted as a grandiose but grounded tale that will center around a young explorer family from Earth. The group will be adrift in a foreign alien universe and face overwhelming odds as they struggle to stay together. The series will come courtesy of writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (of Dracula Untold fame), who will executive produce the project alongside Kevin Burns. This has been a project that Burns has been championing for quite some time, but it was never greenlit until now.

The original series, which ran for three seasons on CBS, chronicled the adventures of the Robinsons — who thanks to the machinations of their enemy, Dr. Zachary Smith, are steered off course and are stranded in space. The new series apparently is a part of a big push from Netflix to corner the market in family entertainment.

(Via Deadline)