Netflix’s Dysfunctional ‘Love’ Is Back With The First Season 2 Trailer

In the traditional romcom, it’s usually a mishmash of beautiful people, luxurious apartments, dream jobs, and the occasional miscommunication that threatens to derail EVERYTHING. However, people got a little burnt out on the age old “boy meets girl, they build a perfect life together” premise when they’re drowning in student loan debt and are just trying to find a job, any job, so the more realistic “anti-romcom” is currently having it’s day in the sun. Enter Netflix‘s Love.

The Judd Apatow joint’s second season drops on March 10 for your binging pleasure, giving us another look at the dysfunctional relationship between Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust). While the show certainly had plenty of growing pains in its first season, the dedication to the often painful realities of falling in love were at least something different. On top of a first look at the second season, Netflix also released an official synopsis of what’s to come:

“Mickey and Gus face commitment and all that comes with it as they attempt to bring order to their chaotic lives.”

Well, that’s certainly vague. Honestly, the best reason to watch the show is for Jacobs. It’s certainly not Community, but she absolutely nailed every step her character took in season one. Here’s hoping Mickey takes a few more steps towards emotional health in the next batch of episodes.

(Via Indiewire)