Netflix Just Made It So Much Easier To Make Stubborn Kids Fall Asleep

Shutterstock / Netflix

Netflix is here to save the day, and no it’s not because of any of their superhero shows like Daredevil or Jessica Jones. The global streaming powerhouse has instantly become the best friend of exhausted parents everywhere by coming up with a new way to convince young children to go to sleep. “5 Minute Favorites”, a new endeavor to help parents out-negotiate their kids at bedtime, offers up videos or episodes that are 5 minutes or less. Programming will include Inspector Gadget, Mr. Peabody and more. Now, when a 9-year old asks for “5 more minutes of a show” knowing there are 25 minutes left, a parent can outmaneuver them by offering up some entertainment that is exactly what the kid asked for. The older generation wins again, toddlers.

Every positive comes with a negative though, and it should come as no surprise that some people are already balking at the thought of proffering up more time in front of the TV instead of some other more worthy endeavor. “Read a book!” they say. “You don’t love your kids!” they say. These objectors, naïve as they are, may or may not have kids. If they do though, they must be the most well behaved on earth to want to go to bed perfectly on time every single night after just a bedtime story or a back rub. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has supplied beleaguered and frustrated parents everywhere with a foolproof plan on how to make squirming kids hit the pillow with less of a fuss. Until the under-13 set figures out another way to get one up on their moms and dads, that is.

(Via Mashable)