Netflix Went Down During Valuable ‘Luke Cage’ Binging Time And The Internet Wasn’t Having It

We are in the Binging Era. No longer can we consume media, even episodic media, in short, concentrated chunks. We must prepare a cozy spot on the couch, get the comforter from the bedroom and turn up the air conditioning for an all-day marathon of whatever catches our eye. It’s a good time and the easiest form of time travel.

To be clear — this isn’t damning binge culture. It’s just one of many explanations for what could’ve caused Netflix’s two-hour outage early Saturday. Luke Cage, Marvel and Netflix’s latest can’t-miss series debuted Friday night, and it’s entirely possible that the fervor crashed Netflix’s servers, leaving the Internet in a collective state of horror.

And like any horror movie or show (watched non-stop on Netflix), it all began with a calm presence of power, admitting that something just wasn’t right:

Of course, the denizens of Twitter were left Luke Cage-less, wondering just what the hell to do next:

Some would make sure to mark this day in history:

While others would let their minds wander…

And others… Well, others just refreshed like mad. It was all they could do to get back to their bulletproof superhero.

Finally, some decided to leave their Place Where The TV Is:

Thankfully, after about two hours, Netflix was back up and the binging would resume. This was a dark, dark day. But we all made it together.

(Via Spin)