Netflix Went Down During Valuable ‘Luke Cage’ Binging Time And The Internet Wasn’t Having It

10.01.16 1 year ago


We are in the Binging Era. No longer can we consume media, even episodic media, in short, concentrated chunks. We must prepare a cozy spot on the couch, get the comforter from the bedroom and turn up the air conditioning for an all-day marathon of whatever catches our eye. It’s a good time and the easiest form of time travel.

To be clear — this isn’t damning binge culture. It’s just one of many explanations for what could’ve caused Netflix’s two-hour outage early Saturday. Luke Cage, Marvel and Netflix’s latest can’t-miss series debuted Friday night, and it’s entirely possible that the fervor crashed Netflix’s servers, leaving the Internet in a collective state of horror.

And like any horror movie or show (watched non-stop on Netflix), it all began with a calm presence of power, admitting that something just wasn’t right:

Of course, the denizens of Twitter were left Luke Cage-less, wondering just what the hell to do next:

Some would make sure to mark this day in history:

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