Netflix Cements Its Content-King Status By Renewing ‘Longmire’ And Acquiring ‘Power Rangers’


Already the leader in modern day procrastination methods, Netflix just made two moves that will make subscribers from all generations happy. The popular streaming service renewed Longmire (AKA your dad’s favorite cop show after Blue Bloods) for another season and acquired the exclusive rights to Power Rangers (the show you watched all through childhood but probably didn’t realize was still going strong in its 22nd season). The moves show a commitment on Netflix’s part to remain not only relevant with critic-baiting original series but to establish a breadth of content of all styles.

Although Netflix doesn’t disclose viewership metrics for any of their shows, it’s safe to assume that Longmire securely has the “put a show on in the background while they clean the house” audience locked up which should be at least a couple thousand people. Who doesn’t want to see Katee Sackhoff carry out her duties as a sheriff’s deputy using only her no-nonsense attitude and the same three facial expressions? Hopefully the show sneakily becomes a long-running program for Netflix and 20 years from now your parents will still be asking you when it comes back and how to sign in to their account.

Power Rangers, on the other hand, is known around the world for its colorful ninjas and over the top villains. Still going strong after more than two decades on the air, everyone’s favorite masked teenage crimefighters are not only heading to the big screen in a few years but will continue on the small screen too. Does this mean Power Rangers can cross over onto other Netflix shows now? The Blue Ranger can be a new guard at the Orange is the New Black prison, and the Pink Ranger would be a great friend for Kimmy Schmidt.

Make it happen, Netflix!

(via Collider and AV Club)