Netflix’s True Crime Series ‘The Keepers’ Is Captivating Viewers With Murder, Mystery, And Conspiracy

Netflix’s new series The Keepers is the streaming service’s latest venture into the addicting true crime genre, and the show is already captivating viewers with its mix of murder and a larger conspiracy involving the Catholic church and a school in Baltimore. The central story, which focuses on the murder of nun Sister Cathy Cesnik in 1969 in Maryland, expands far beyond that one crime and into lawsuits surrounding Catholic school abuses, cover ups, and violations that would be familiar to anyone that has seen the Academy Award-winning movie Spotlight which tackled much of the same subject matter in Boston, Massachusetts.

The documentary series features interviews from investigators and some of the people directly involved with the alleged abuses at the Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, and their varying perspectives of the situation make for some chilling and riveting episodes. In the first few days of it being available to watch, people are already captivated by the horrifying details of the case and the fact that almost no one has been held accountable for many of the allegations — and Sister Cesnik’s death is still unsolved almost 50 years later.

So far the majority of the most visceral reactions are coming from female viewers, which is no surprise considering the enormity of the subject matter covered throughout the show. Many are calling the show an incredibly important watch because of this, but suggesting people watch in short bursts rather than bingeing the whole thing or make sure there’s someone else in the room when you start so you are prepared for the intensity.

Based on the first few episodes, that advice is probably for the best.