Netflix’s Top Secret ‘The OA’ Reveals A Trailer Before Its Friday Debut

Usually a TV series, especially one on Netflix, is carefully built up. Trailers debut, the cast makes the rounds, and so on. Not The OA. In fact, The OA has been so under wraps that aside from an announcement, this is the first we’ve seen of it, and the show debuts Friday. And it seems likely that was because there’s a lot of secrets to unravel.

The story follows Prarie Johnson (series co-creator Britt Marling), a young blind woman abducted seven years ago. Prarie suddenly returns, her sight restored, and covered in strange markings, among other mysteries, some of which may be tied to a mysterious doctor (Jason Isaacs). Marling and the show’s other creative voice, Zal Batmanglij, are best known for meditative indie movies like The East and Sound Of My Voice, hence the trailer’s interest in wintry landscapes and young women on bicycles instead of the central mystery, although it appears Prarie’s claims she wasn’t “missing” may ring truer than we know.

Either way, Netflix has a high batting average with original series, and the involvement of some indie darlings in a limited series, especially one that’s only eight episodes, makes for a promising weekend binge. Keep an eye out for it Friday.

(via Twitter)