A New Report Says Many People Wouldn’t Pay $15-A-Month For Netfix


Binge-watching has become a way of life for many people. Honestly, if you weren’t ready with your Stranger Things theories within a week of its release, you were left behind by the water cooler conversation. While there are certainly numerous options for streaming services, Netflix is still at the head of the pack for television watchers, with their original content standing head and shoulders over others (with a few disappointing exceptions). However, despite the extensive catalog and ever-growing list of new shows, there is still a limit to what many people will pay to access the service. Now that the “grace period” for longtime users and the price hike to $10 for everyone has kicked in, a new study from Digitalsmiths claims that many users would abandon the service if the price tag shot up to $15 a month.

According to Digitalsmiths’ survey of 3,114 people in the U.S. and Canada, 39 percent would pay somewhere in that $12-15 range. The bad news is that 29 percent say they aren’t willing to endure any further increase at all.

Apparently, the monetary value most people put on binge-watching is lower than expected. While frequent users will probably just brush it off and skip a few trips to Starbucks that month, more casual users might view it as more money down the drain. Still, Netflix has seen the rate at which they’re acquiring new subscribers drop significantly in the past year, so something is going to have to give.

(Via The Wrap)