This Netflix Vista ‘Black Mirror’ Parody Might Just Scare You Off Streaming (Or Not)

You’ve probably felt uncomfortable watching Black Mirror once or twice. Or, if you’re like me, all the time . The future presented on the anthology series may be just a bit too close to where we are right now in the world. I mean, on election day they tweeted “This isn’t an episode. This isn’t marketing. This is reality.”

At least the show is always trying to tell us something, to teach us a lesson, right? But if you thought the episodes themselves were heavy-handed, get a load of this new Netflix advertisement. They write, “The question is not if you want this, but are you ready for it?” No, no I am not. In fact, I’m kinda scared right now.

After watching the ad I couldn’t help but wonder if Netflix was actually trying to tell us to take a break from all the binging on their service and remember there’s more to life than the Gilmore Girls revamp. And it seems I wasn’t the only one. User fatherdoctor writes, “I don’t know if this commercial is for or against netflix,” while Howard The Duck adds, “I love how Netflix tells people don’t get addicted to Netflix, that’s why love you, please don’t sell to Disney!!!”

But it’s JuggaloJohn who hits the nail on the head with, “thats a little meta there Netflix.” So, what are you watching this weekend?