There Has Never Been A Better Commercial Than This Ad For Dog-E-Glow

Here is the product description for Dog-E-Glow, taken directly from the official website:

Dog-E-Glow leashes and collars are fashionable, durable and weather resistant. We combined the functionality of LED lighting with awesome looking patterns. Our designers are constantly coming up with fresh new designs that any dog would be proud to show off. They allow you and others to easily spot your dog from a distance when it is dark outside. With our LED dog leashes and collars, you can easily see where your dog is at all times. Combining a lighted collar and LED leash is the perfect way to keep your dog visible to you, other people, and cars at night or times of low visibility.

A noble goal to be sure, but not necessary one I would bring to your attention unless, oh I don’t know, the commercial for the product was about dogs working in an office (tapping keyboards, answering phones, chatting around the water cooler), then ordering 100 light-up neon collars, putting them on five at a time after a delivery dog brings the package to their apartment, and throwing a rave-like party that features (a) a dog DJ, (b) a dog lapping up “champagne,” (c) dogs in sunglasses spinning around in chairs, (d) dogs chilling on the dance floor while MONEY FALLS FROM THE SKY, and (e) the dog pictured above, who is also wearing sunglasses and, I think, a fuzzy winter hat meant to look like a koala’s head.

Someone hurry up and start a Kickstarter so Dog-E-Glow can make a multimillion-dollar, five-minute Super Bowl commercial about these dogs leaving work on a Friday and spending a weekend in Vegas.

(h/t @WalkoffHBP)