New Dinosaur Drama Not at All Like Avatar

05.17.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Now that Fox has unveiled its fall 2010 schedule, we know that one of next year’s mid-season pick-ups will be “Terra Nova,” the Steven Spielberg-produced drama about a family 100 years in the future that goes back in time 150 million years to, uh, fight dinosaurs or whatever. The point is: DINOSAURS! And with the first concept art released today (less serious version here), the new point is DINOSAURS FROM AVATAR! I dunno, it looks okay, but I think it needs to be in 3-D. And 20% more Rasta-fied.

In other series pick-up news, CBS’s schedule is starting to take shape. America’s Most-Watched By Old and Dumb People Network has decided to move forward with Twitter spin-off Shatner vehicle “Sh*t My Dad Says” (still no SFW name), a “Criminal Minds” spin-off starring Forrest Whitaker (“Lazy-eyed P.I.”?), the “Hawaii Five-O” remake (hooray, Grace Park in a bikini!), and a legal drama called “Defenders” starring Jim Belushi.

F*cking Jim Belushi. In a dramatic role. I’m not exaggerating when I say that a better show would be to dig up John Belushi and make his skeleton act out different scenes. In fact, I will personally volunteer to do that if it stops Jim Belushi from getting work. Seriously, I don’t mind. C’mon, I got my grave-robbin’ shovel right here.

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