New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser Shows The Potential For Hot Zombies

This Fear the Walking Dead teaser, which premiered over the weekend on AMC, but hasn’t yet been uploaded to the AMC site, may not actually be officially released until this weekend at Comic-Con. However, it does continue to show the potential inherent in setting The Walking Dead spin-off in Los Angeles, namely the fact that many of the walkers will be zombified hotties. Fit, attractive people wearing minimal amounts of clothes (and potentially, a lot of plastic and silicone underneath their skin) will be transformed into zombies, which is something of a refreshing change of pace after five seasons of zombified Georgians. You can add that wrinkle to the 20 things we already know about Fear the Walking Dead, so far.

This latest clip shows a walker shambling toward a woman in a pool, while a second teaser — which I haven’t been able to locate — shows a walker ambling toward kids in a skatepark. It also offers us a slightly better glimpse of the Fear the Walking Dead zombies than the silhouette of one in the previous teaser.