A New Fundraiser Gives You The Chance To Visit The ‘Justified’ Set And Shoot Guns With Timothy Olyphant

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There are good fundraisers, there are great fundraisers, and then there’s this: a benefit that offers donors video thank yous from Timothy Olyphant, Justified t-shirts, autographed copies of Elmore Leonard’s Raylan, and, for big donors ($2500 or more), signed replicas of Raylan’s hat. Oh, and one lucky winner will get to visit the set of Justified and shoot guns with Raylan Givens himself. I probably should have led with that. From the Omaze page:

Ready your quick-draw. You’re going to LA to shoot guns with the only man who could bring “justice” to a portrayal of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. You’ll then visit the set of Justified, where you’re sure to meet a few other folks who might be of interest to you.

Yes, but how does the benefit page describe Timothy Olyphant?

A jawline that scares knuckles into retirement, paired with eyes that beg a heart-to-heart. And a Stetson hat to boot! If that description of Timothy Olyphant doesn’t say it all, what does? Well, maybe the Emmy nomination for best actor. Or perhaps his gripping roles on Deadwood & the Office? Or did we mention Damages, Rango, and I Am Number Four? The list continues, as does our respect for these acting chops.

“A jawline that scares knuckles into retirement.” I might send them $20 just for that. Not even as an entry into the contest. Just out of respect.

As for the benefit itself:

The Lory Titelman and Ruth Hershey Fund provides accessibility to a Westland education for students whose families need financial assistance. The Fund’s goal is to extend inclusion to a population that is otherwise excluded in the current economic climate and to increase socio-economic diversity at Westland School.

Well, that sounds nice. So if you have between $10 and $2500 laying around and want want to support education while giving yourself a chance to shoot guns with Timothy Olyphant and pester Walton Goggins on the set of Justified, here you go. And if you’re feeling realy generous and want to donate $2500 to get that hat and give it to me as a late Christmas present, that’s fine, too. You have lots of options.

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