New Greatest Picture of Ron Swanson

06.23.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Earlier today, “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott tweeted this photo of him with co-star Nick Offerman (better known by now as Ron Swanson) with the caption, “This oldish photo illustrates how much Nick Offerman enjoys working with me.”

And as much as I want this to be a candid photo of Nick Offerman totally wasted after a cast party of some sort, Offerman and Scott are wearing the same clothes they wore in “The Fight” (S3E13), also known as “The Snake Juice Episode” that provided the famous animated GIF of Ron Swanson dancing. So even though Offerman is disheveled and bleary-eyed, it’s probably the result of the crew’s hair and makeup artists, not a fifth of single malt scotch.

Bah, I hate the way the Internet always fact-checks little details. Forget the previous paragraph: Look everybody! DRUNK RON SWANSON!

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