New Ken Burns’ ‘Baseball’ Airing This Fall

05.20.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

You were warned.

I don’t think this is getting the attention it should: the new installment to Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” called “The Tenth Inning,” is officially set to air on September 28th and 29th on PBS. For those unfamiliar, “Baseball” is a nine-part documentary that first aired in 1994. And, uh, some stuff has happened since then.As it turned out, “Baseball” began airing about a month after the 1994 players’ strike. It was tremendous. We didn’t get a World Series last year, but despite its faults, this was a perfectly acceptable replacement. It was apparently finished before the strike happened, and as a result, it didn’t mention it at all.

So that’s one thing Burns will need to cover. He’ll also need to address the steroid era and subsequent ruination of the record books, the still-inflating contracts, the Red Sox and White Sox finally winning a World Series, the question of whether 1997-2003 Pedro Martinez was the best pitcher ever, the continuing trend of old stadiums being destroyed, an examination of how stupid good Albert Pujols is, the Yankees returning to dominance while somehow simultaneously disappointing everybody, Michael Jordan getting bored and switching sports, the owner of the Texas Rangers becoming President and kind of ruining the entire world, Randy Johnson killing a bird, the tied All-Star Game, baseball’s response to 9/11, and the time Sammy Sosa got hit in the helmet so hard that you would not believe how hard he got hit in the helmet.

Ken! Dude! You won’t have any time left for a 45-second hold on a sunset while George Will waxes poetic on the fact that baseball is a thing that exists. Bummer!

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