Here’s Everything New On Netflix This Week, Including ‘Roma’ And A ‘Sabrina’ Holiday Special


The holidays are in full swing, which means that Netflix is ramping up its original content, forcing us to choose between spending quality time with the family or working on cleaning out our queues.

You win, okay Netflix?!

The streaming platform is churning out a couple of great films and specials this week, most notably, Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-hopeful Roma, a stunning black-and-white ode to the director’s childhood. There’s also the witchy winter Sabrina special, in case you’re still craving some occult action this holiday season. And for the family, another installment of Fuller House arrives to give you a needed dose of nostalgia. Of course, it can be tough to keep up with what needs to be binged at the moment. That’s why we’re bringing you a round-up of what’s new to Netflix and what’s departing this week of December 14th.