Here Are Some New ‘Parks And Recreation’ Clips To Make Up For The Last Three Weeks

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11.12.13 14 Comments

Andy's back

Because life is unfair, NBC hasn’t aired a new episode of Parks and Recreation in almost a month, and some of us Pawnee Rangers are going through some crazy withdrawals. Seriously, put me in a room with some bath salt addicts and I will show them what real addiction looks like. Fortunately, the Parks and Rec YouTube channel knows what we’re going through, and they released some new clips this week to help ease us back into that sweet Leslie Knope high that’s coming back to us on Thursday night.

In fact, we get two brand new episodes on Thursday night, starting at 8 PM ET on NBC, and I don’t really know or care which episodes these clips coincide with, so long as they just hurry up and show me some damn Ron Swanson already. As always, don’t watch the clips if you don’t want the awesomeness ruined, but you’re probably already watching the clips.

“It’s Kevin Pollack’s birthday!”

“I’m going to murder you 1,000 times.”


“She moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming friends with a bunch of celebrities.”

“It’s kind of like she’s in the NBA, and I work in a muffler store next to the stadium.”

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