New Photos From HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Show The Calm Before The Storm

At Comic-Con on Saturday, executive producer Jonathan Nolan premiered a new trailer for HBO’s upcoming Westworld, a sci-fi series based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 western-thriller about malfunctioning androids that attack the visitors of a futuristic theme park. Although it won’t be available to watch online, as Entertainment Weekly notes, HBO has let loose a couple of photos from the sci-fi show.

Following a very brief promotional clip featuring Ed Harris, these images serve as our first glimpse at many of the other stars of Westworld, including James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, and Anthony Hopkins. There’s some lovely, pastoral scenery captured in the pictures (and perhaps a blurred look at a robot’s brawny arm?), but if Crichton’s original was any indication, the eventual rise of the machines won’t be pretty for long.

For more photos, check out Entertainment Weekly’s coverage from Comic-Con.

(Via Entertainment Weekly and HBO)