New Show: Henry Rollins & Snakes

06.14.11 7 years ago

When I interviewed Henry Rollins last December, one of his upcoming projects was a Nat Geo Wild special called “Snake Underworld” in which he watched a Midwestern man inject 5 cc’s of deadly black mamba venom into his own wrist in order to build antibodies. Because there are lots of mambas in the Midwest.

“Snake Underworld” must have been a rollicking success, because Nat Geo Wild has just placed a three-episode order for Rollins to host “Animal Underworld,” which “features people who own exotic animals as well as those who eat them.”

Rollins visits Arizona’s Road Kill Café, where the menu features not-so-exotic fare. And he meets people who consume things you would not find on the menu even at the Road Kill, like frog smoothies and tarantulas – the former because it supposedly increases virility and the latter for medicinal purposes. [THR]

I like to think of this as “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” except instead of a stupid old bald fruit hosting, you’ve got Henry Rollins trying the crazy concoctions. And if he doesn’t like the food, he strangles the proprietor and writes an angry poem about it. PUNK ROCK FOREVER!

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