New ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 3 Promo

08.25.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

This new “Sons of Anarchy” promo debuted last week, and I’ve only just now become aware of it because I’m only one man, okay? One lazy man doing an easy job poorly. Anyway, this comes via Mo Ryan of Oh No They Didn’t, who writes:

As viewers of the show will recall, Jax Teller, the son of Sons co-founder John Teller, and Clay have been locked in a battle of wills for some time, but that conflict was put on the back burner in Season 2 when they joined forced to literally ride their white supremacist rivals out of the Sons hometown of Charming, California.

Funny, I don’t seem to remember that episode. Did the Sons literally put saddles on the white supremacists before literally climbing onto their backs and literally riding them out of town? Because in the version I saw (spoilers ahead), Henry Rollins’s AJ Weston was literally shot in a bathroom stall, while the Sons literally let Adam Arkin’s Ethan Zobelle get away when they found out Jax’s son Abel was kidnapped.

But I could be wrong. I’m just one man who uses words correctly. A loner, Dottie. A rebel.

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