New York City Is At War With Vampires In This Season Two Teaser For ‘The Strain’

This is NOT Taylor Swift’s New York City, you guys! In this new teaser for season two of The Strain, premiering this summer, it looks like the remaining residents of New York City have finally figured the hell out that vampires that shoot suckers out of their mouths have taken over the city and that they need to like, fight back or die. (SPOILER ALERT: most will probably die, if that hint Guillermo del Toro gave about Corey Stoll eventually having to lose the hairpiece to be able to assimilate into the population is any indication.) Anyway, it’s about time, because I could only handle so many more clueless civilians.

Oh, and it looks like this big guy is back, too — in all his ridiculous, Bat Boy-lookin’-motherf*cker glory.