Experience The Best News Bloopers That August Was Able To Provide

Summer and all of its glorious marvels will soon be leaving us. Don’t weep. Bloopers are here. Bloopers will never leave you. Bloopers will follow all of us into the grave and beyond into the next life where the bloopers are even more magnificent. What was I rambling on about? Oh yeah, there’s a new round-up of local news goof-em-ups you should be watching.

Vigilant bloopz compilers NewsBeFunny have crafted their latest month-end news blooper compilation. Gaffes, crack-ups, giggles, unexpected interference and mortifying moments of embarrassment continue to delight and horrify, plus the August 2016 version has a boy with his head stuck in a sofa which is always good fun. Don’t like children stuck in furniture? Maybe we could interest you in a child stuck between livestock or a harrowing bee rescue story? Don’t sleep on the magic of local news.

We have this hilarious (and occasionally cringe-inducing) compilation of the most ridiculous news bloopers August had to offer nestled at the top of this post. Ideally, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the awesome duo at the 8:33 mark for years to come. It could be as a news team or a podcast or a space hospital drama or whatever. Make it happen, universe!