News Roundup: 'Hip Hop Squares' Is a Hit!

05.24.12 9 Comments

Renew it for 100 seasons, please and thank you. “Hip Hop Squares” — the “Hollywood Squares” remake featuring rappers — was MTV2’s “highest-rated and most-watched series launch in the persons 12-34 demographic ever.” There’s like a 40% chance I stage a coup and turn this blog into an all “Hip Hop Squares” news site that features occasional 2000 word explorations of made-for-television movies. It will be a total catastrophe. [Deadline]

This is great and you should read it. GQ sat down with Matthew Weiner, David Milch, and Vince Gilligan for a discussion about being a showrunner in today’s television landscape, and where they think the medium is headed. It’s a cool, informative read. Get in there. [GQ]

Snooki is having a boy. OK. [I don’t want to link to this story so here is a link to the video for “Sky’s the Limit” by The Notorious B.I.G.]

Phillip Phillips underwent eight operations during “American Idol.” “‘He’s been doing [well], but it’s just grueling hours and it’s just amazing what he’s done through the journey,’ said the singer’s dad, also named Phillip Phillips.” HIS DAD IS NAMED PHILLIP PHILLIPS, TOO? If I ever meet anyone from this family I will probably ask them questions about their child-naming policies until I get arrested. [People]

The cast of Old School is going to reunite at Spike’s ‘Guy’s Choice Awards.’ “MANSWERS! What if the dudes from Old School had HUGE BOOBS FILLED WITH BACON? MANSWERS! [wailing guitars, busty woman cuts off crocodile’s head with samurai sword] [EW]

Carl’s Jr. is selling a hamburger made out of ice cream. It says a lot about me that the previous sentence excites me almost as much as their sexypants Kate Upton commercial. Look at the picture after the jump. I would kill any of you to have it in front of me right now. (I am not fat. I swear.) [Buzzfeed]

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