‘NewsHits’ Is The Weirdest Adult Swim Masterpiece Since ‘Too Many Cooks’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
06.01.16 8 Comments

“Too Many Cooks” came out of nowhere to basically take over your Facebook and Twitter the day it was released (which somehow was 19 months ago — a year in real life is like five years on the Internet). Over 10 million people have watched the parody of corny 1980s family sitcoms, an impressive feat considering — spoiler? — the clip ends with screaming and so much murder (also, my main man Gwydion Lashlee-Walton). Adult Swim has released plenty of these late-night videos since “Too Many Cooks,” but none have quite captured its normal-turned-batsh*t insane vibe as well as “NewsHits.”

Here’s what’s going on: It’s Bruce’s last day at 7 News, and to celebrate, his producer Mitch put together a compilation of, to quote Bruce’s co-anchor, “our fun moments over the past few years, and from what I hear, a few epic fails.” Normally, these would be your garden variety bloopers, like an embarrassing sex joke or the heartless monster who made a little boy cry. But because this is Adult Swim, things get much darker. I won’t ruin the “surprise,” but it’s wonderful.

Also, add “NewsHits” to the list of times Jay Jackson has played a fake newscaster. There’s Scandal, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Fast Five, Battleship, and, of course, Parks and Recreation, as Perd Hapley. Ya heard?

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