‘NewsHits’ Is The Weirdest Adult Swim Masterpiece Since ‘Too Many Cooks’

“Too Many Cooks” came out of nowhere to basically take over your Facebook and Twitter the day it was released (which somehow was 19 months ago — a year in real life is like five years on the Internet). Over 10 million people have watched the parody of corny 1980s family sitcoms, an impressive feat considering — spoiler? — the clip ends with screaming and so much murder (also, my main man Gwydion Lashlee-Walton). Adult Swim has released plenty of these late-night videos since “Too Many Cooks,” but none have quite captured its normal-turned-batsh*t insane vibe as well as “NewsHits.”

Here’s what’s going on: It’s Bruce’s last day at 7 News, and to celebrate, his producer Mitch put together a compilation of, to quote Bruce’s co-anchor, “our fun moments over the past few years, and from what I hear, a few epic fails.” Normally, these would be your garden variety bloopers, like an embarrassing sex joke or the heartless monster who made a little boy cry. But because this is Adult Swim, things get much darker. I won’t ruin the “surprise,” but it’s wonderful.

Also, add “NewsHits” to the list of times Jay Jackson has played a fake newscaster. There’s Scandal, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Fast Five, Battleship, and, of course, Parks and Recreation, as Perd Hapley. Ya heard?

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