‘True Detective’s’ Nic Pizzolatto May Be Bringing Robert Downey Jr. To HBO

Many wondered what would be Nic Pizzolatto‘s follow up project to the once esteemed True Detective, and he may have found it, with megawatt star power to boot. Variety reports that Pizzolatto may be teaming with Robert Downey Jr. to bring the Perry Mason series to HBO. While there aren’t any concrete details yet, Downey Jr. is assumed to star, and Pizzolatto, Downey Jr., and his wife Susan Downey, of their production company Team Downey, would executively produce the project.

Downey Jr. has been trying to adapt the Perry Mason series, a books turned radio series turned 1950s television series, as a feature film since 2011, but if the project comes to fruition at HBO, it would likely be a series instead of a television movie. The series tells the tale of a defense attorney in 1930s LA, as he navigates the courtrooms and rubs shoulders with private investigators.

No word yet on whether or not Pizzolatto would be writing the show, but it would be interesting to see public reaction following the almost universally denounced True Detective season two. This would also mark the return of Robert Downey Jr. to television (although we’re talking premium cable now) since his stint on Ally McBeal from 2000 to 2002. With the uncertainty of a third season of True Detective, this would also keep Pizzolatto at HBO to continue his contract, which extends until 2018. Plus, as delightful as he is in the Marvel universe, it would be great to see Downey Jr. stretch outside of the Tony Stark persona.

(Via Variety)