‘Nice Beaver.’ ‘Thank You, I Just Had It Stuffed.’

03.07.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

In its ongoing effort to catalog the great tapestry of the American experience, the History Channel will continue to not air anything about the Kennedys, and instead begin airing a reality show about taxidermy. That’s right: History is moving forward with something that DIDN’T work on TLC. From Inside TV:

The network has ordered a new half-hour series titled Mounted in Alaska, going behind the scenes of a respected family-run taxidermy shop.

Aw dammit. I had $20 on “Mounted in Alaska” being a TV movie about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Oh well, at least the show is about a RESPECTED taxidermy shop. When you’ve got an animal carcass that you want to turn into a lifelike statue, it’s important that you use only the utmost professionals.

Knight’s Taxidermy takes on challenging projects ranging from creating a charging warthog so that it’s busting through a wall in a client’s home, to restoring a 50-year-old polar bear that’s an Alaskan landmark, to working with Theodore Roosevelt’s personal taxidermy kit.

Wow, Teddy Roosevelt had a personal taxidermy kit? File that one away for trivia night. “Which U.S. president was also a serial killer?”

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