Nick Cannon Is Spending The Holidays In The Hospital Battling Lupus

Spare a thought for America’s Got Talent host and Lil Dicky eviscerator Nick Cannon over the holidays. The 36-year-old multihyphenate shared on Instagram that he’s currently in the hospital for an extended stretch as part of his continued lupus battle.

“For all who have been trying to contact me the last few days this is where I’ve been,” shared Cannon with photographic evidence to match. “And I will be in the Hospital through Christmas. All good though, Doctors say I will be back to normal before the New Year. #LupusSucks #ncredible #warrior”

We’re happy to hear that Cannon’s doctors are forecasting good things for 2017 and the dude has earned the right use a “#warrior” hashtag. In 2012, Cannon suffered kidney failure and two blood clots in his lung in a medical battle that he would ultimately come out the winner in.

Earlier this year, Cannon opened up during a chat with HuffPost Live about the challenges he’s faced dealing with the autoimmune disease.

“It was superscary just because you don’t know … you’ve never heard of [lupus],” he said in February. “I knew nothing about it until I was diagnosed…. But to me, I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been before.”

We here at UPROXX wish Nick Cannon a speedy recovery and look forward to him embarrassing Lil Dicky sooner rather than later.

(Via XXL)