Nick Cannon Confirms, Once Again, That Mariah Carey Had Her Own Songs On When They Made Love

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Have you ever found yourself making sweet passionate love with Mariah Carey busting out through some speakers? There’s a pretty good percentage of us that have enjoyed hug-n-kiss time with The Elusive Chanteuse® soundtracking the affair in some capacity. But how many of us have enjoyed listening to Mariah while, um, snuggling with Mariah? Nick Cannon, please step forward.

The America’s Got Talent host and all-important RadioShack Chief Creative Officer popped by VH1’s The Amber Rose Show for a bit of chat and while there was some valuable insight into co-parenting, let’s just jump to the bonezone stuff, shall we? Fantastic. Cannon had previously noted that he and ex-wife Mariah Carey had enjoyed the sounds of the iconic diva while enjoying adult fun time. Rose asked her guest about this interesting tidbit and Cannon fessed up again:

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