Nick Offerman Offers The Greatest Indie Film Advice On ‘Conan’ With The Song ‘P*ssy And Weed’

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02.06.14 3 Comments

Stop everything that you’re doing, throw your cat in the washing machine, burn tonight’s dinner, and forget you have a child to raise. Nick Offerman just unleashed the key to success at Sundance with his amazing song ‘P*ssy & Weed’ and the folks at Conan were nice enough to share with the world.

Offerman is a regular at dispensing wisdom, be it on Parks & Recreation, Reddit AMAs and even on Conan from time to time. This takes the cake though. You kinda feel like everything you need to know about life could be found in this tiny little song that sprung from little more than an acoustic guitar and a titanesque mustache. I salute you, Mr. Offerman.


Watch the original, even greater, Alison Brie version over here!

(Via Team Coco)

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