Nick Offerman’s ‘Father’s Day’ Is A Beautiful Tribute To What Is Truly Important

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In case you haven’t noticed, Parks and Recreation is no longer airing new episodes. This means that, outside of mandatory repeated binges courtesy of Netflix, we aren’t getting any new life pro tips from Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson. Unless you follow Mr. Offerman as religiously as we do, which is why we’ve been keeping up with the 45-year-old actor’s increasingly fantastic commercials for the Lagavulin whiskey distillery. Ergo that 45-minute video of Offerman sitting in front of a fire and sipping whiskey, his “holiday bunker” tour, and now his latest — a loving, wordless tribute to his father, Ric Offerman, on Father’s Day.

“What do my dad and I like to talk about on Father’s Day?” Nick asks rhetorically. “Everything.”

While gently dueling acoustic guitars play a soothing background tune, the Offermans sit atop a wooden canoe (which they most likely made themselves) and fish. All the while, the pair “talks” about the aforementioned “everything,” albeit without saying a single, audible word to one another. Both utter a few, barely discernible grunts that probably required advanced boom microphones for traction, but otherwise speak nothing.

Unless you consider their father-son, man-to-man, exemplified-by-written-captions mental conversation about how nice their time together is and what a beautiful day it is. That, or when both are “LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY” at woodshop jokes.

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