Nick Offerman Is Going To Appear On ‘The Simpsons’

Earlier today, my third cousin from another aunt, Josh Kurp, filled us in on what groovy TV programming we could watch tonight, and of course he included one of the greatest TV show from this or any era – Parks and Recreation. Tonight’s episode features the second installment of the Pawnee/Eagleton doppelgangers, and the legendary and unparalleled Sam Elliott is playing Ron Swanson’s counterpart. But Kurp-Daddy also made passing mention of a very important article about Offerman that we need to discuss.

Of the opportunity to work with Elliot, Offerman absolutely gushed to the AV Club about everything that Parks and Rec’s showrunner Michael Schur has made possible for him, but buried deep down in the last paragraph of his rambling awesomeness was one amazing nugget of cromulent TV casting – Nick Offerman is going to appear on an episode of The Simpsons.

You know, earlier in the day today, I recorded an episode of The Simpsons, and that was such an incredible life dream for me that I had kind of lost sight of. For a couple of decades, I’ve been ape-shit about that show, and I thought, “It would be so amazing to be on that show, but that could never possibly happen.” And today it happened, and I was incredibly on cloud nine. And I called Mike Schur, and I said, “Once again, I have to thank you. Without your generosity and tenacity in casting me in this job, this would not have happened.” So all these things that keep coming to me, I cannot ever lose sight that they come about because Mike Schur and Greg Daniels saw to it that I was on their excellent television program. And now, you know, here we are talking about, “How do you feel about the fact that Sam fucking Elliott came and played in your office?” And I have to say once again, “Thank you, Mike… and if I could buy you the island of New Zealand, I would.” (Via the AV Club)

Here now, is the only appropriate response to this news:

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