Nick Offerman Did A Good Tweet


A lot of people say Twitter is bad. I get that. The platform has its issues, as does all of social media, and it can get a little maddening to watch the public discourse devolve into people shouting at strangers because a different stranger said something regrettable about the news of the day. The difficult part is fixing it. Where do you even start? We’ve all now trained our brains to run in this convoluted rat race, and most of the suggestions people toss about as solutions are Band-Aids at best and/or exist at the wobbly crest of very slippery slopes. It’s tricky business, closing a Pandora’s Box.

That’s why I lean toward the more simple and straightforward option: Instead of doing bad tweets, people should do more good tweets. Everybody likes a good tweet. Like, for example, this tweet, by Parks and Recreation alum Nick Offerman.

That’s a good tweet. Imagine the utopia of a timeline full of tweets like this. Imagine, instead of the bad tweets, good tweets as far as the eye can see, frolicking in sun-kissed meadows as a babbling brook babbles by, nuzzling their fuzzy faces against your leg as you stand there and take it all in. My word, what a pleasure that would be. If we did good tweets.

Like this one.