Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Performed ‘Smell Yo Dick’ By Riskay, Seem Like A Fun Couple

This video is mindblowing, and the best thing I can do here is stay out of its way, so I’ll just give you some quick background info and then skedaddle. Megan Mullally and fellow actress Stephanie Hunt are in a band called Nancy & Beth that performed at the Largo Theater in Los Angeles recently. Their performance was videotaped, and a piece of it was uploaded on Funny or Die. The Funny or Die video begins with Mullally’s husband, Nick Offerman (television’s Ron Swanson), wearing an American flag shirt, holding a guitar, and telling the audience he is leaving the stage to go have “a tall glass of scotch.” Nancy & Beth take the stage and proceed to perform a VERY NSFW song about suspected adultery called “Smell Yo Dick,” by a female Florida rapper named Riskay.

And then, a little after the 3:00 mark, Nick Offerman comes back on stage. And he starts rapping. About his dick. And who may and may not smell it. And then Megan Mullally — who might be the coolest 54-year-old lady in the country, by the way — unbuttons his pants in front of a crowd of people and smells his penis.

You should really watch this video.

(Via HuffPo)