Nick Offerman Had The Perfect Response When Asked Whether Ron Swanson Would Vote For A Woman

Nick Offerman’s gearing up for release of Devs, in which he portrays a very non-Ron Swanson role, for FX on Hulu, but before that happens, he did his civic duty by heading to the polls on Super Tuesday. Offerman subsequently posted photos of himself outside of “Pawnee” (he was actually outside of Pasadena’s City Hall, but Parks and Rec jokes will never die). Like many on Twitter, took a moment to express who he voted for (Elizabeth Warren) while goofing with an “I Voted” sticker on his nose.

Of course, not everyone in Offerman’s replies endorsed his endorsement of Warren. That’s only to be expected, given the adversarial platform, but one user (whose profile expresses the intent to keep all identifying information hidden) stepped up to ask whether Ron Swanson had really “voted for a woman????”

Offerman (who to be absurdly clear, is not actually Ron Swanson) replied but didn’t offer up any type of politically oriented argument. That’s smart, given that no one’s going to be persuaded to change side on Twitter, especially when it comes to someone who’s popping into an actor’s replies. Instead, Offerman only remarked, “How sad to be this bad at watching television.”

Indeed, this audience member must not truly be a Parks and Red aficionado. It’s no wonder that someone slipped a Swanson quote — “I don’t consider my self an anything -ist, but my life has been shaped by powerful women. My father once told my mother woman was made from the rib of Adam, and my mom broke his jaw” — into their own Twitter reply to this exchange.

For the record, Offerman stated four years ago that Swanson wouldn’t have voted for Trump or Clinton. And back on the subject of Offerman himself, Devs releases on March 5 for FX on Hulu.