Nick Offerman’s Wood Shop Once Received A Request To Build A Special Stool For The Ladies

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Nick Offerman may be known best for his Ron Swanson character on Parks and Recreation, but if he doesn’t stop telling stories about woodworking anytime soon, his carpentry skills may overtake the anti-government government employee in popularity. Especially since he can’t stop gifting other celebrities with wood-based gifts, and praising the carpentry profession and those who do it. Consider Monday night’s episode of The Late Late Show, on which Offerman discussed his new book Good Clean Fun with host James Corden.

After admitting he wouldn’t be any good at woodworking, Corden asked Offerman the ever-popular question: “What’s the strangest thing someone’s asked you to build at your wood shop?” The bearded gentleman then offered a story from his shop manager, Lee:

“Lee received a commission to build a stool from a lady who was in some sort of coven. The stool had a cauldron hanging beneath it, and they would boil herbs — the vapors from which would rise up through an opening, or orifice if you will, in this stool to medically affect their lady parts.”

Corden, of course, was unable to respond with anything other than an agape jaw.

“We haven’t had any complaints about its efficacy,” said Offerman. When Corden joked more and more requests for the special stool just for the ladies would soon follow, Offerman joked: “It’s available in copper or brass.” Of course, by “joked” we mean Offerman was being completely serious.

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