Nick Offerman Has The Best Response To Seeing His Face On A Public Toilet In India

News Editor
01.31.16 2 Comments

The bearded, mustache-wearing, liquor-loving Nick Offerman is many things, but “manly” is usually what first springs to mind. Is there anyone more masculine or virile than Offerman? He’s a man of simple tastes and one who’s equally happy eating meat and potatoes or sipping whiskey by a fireplace. His enduring infamy as a face of manhood cannot be contained to Parks and Recreation-related fame. So, it makes sense that the builders of a public toilet in Maduari, India would use his face to illustrate the men’s side of the structure.

Lest you believe the above image is simply a fabulous work of Photoshop, different angles of the structure are popping up on the internet. Sure, it could still be digital wizardry, but fans want to believe.

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