Let’s Watch Nick Offerman Silently Drink Whisky By A Fireplace For 45 Minutes

How is it that it took until the year of our lord two thousand and fifteen for someone to hand Nick Offerman a glass of whisky, and instruct him to sit by a toasty fireplace for 45 minutes of silence? He probably does this in real life. Now he’s getting paid. Not unlike the character he played on Parks and Recreation, Offerman loves himself some Lagavulin single malt scotch-whiskey. For their Yule Log video, the distillery had him, well, see for yourself.

[checks back 45 minutes later]

That was 45 minutes of quiet, interrupted only by satisfied sips and a crackling fire. This is how every company should advertise their goods. Home Depot needs to sell more grills? Have Offerman cook some burgers for 30 minutes. Ikea has a surplus of uncomfortable chairs? Screw that. Offerman will make you one from scratch. Best Buy just received season four of Designing Women on DVD? Let’s watch Offerman watch the entire thing.

Okay, so maybe not every company.

(Via AdWeek)

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