Nick Offerman Praising The Art Of Woodworking On ‘This Old House’ Is Peak Ron Swanson

Parks and Rec may be dead, but Ron Swanson lives on.

Case in point: this video featuring Nick Offerman praising the merits of wood-working. The actor, who’s been a vocal fan of shaping all kinds of delightful things from timber – he is currently twiddling with creative ways to carve ukuleles – continues to spread the word about the positive correlation between good health and working with one’s hands by appearing on a segment of This Old House.

That’s right, Offerman showed up on your grandfather’s favorite remodeling TV show to wax poetic about the noble art of lasagna-making and, more importantly, to share his passion for wood with the rest of us. Honestly, most of the references to the fine hobby will probably go over your head but what person couldn’t listen to Offerman relate the epiphany he had when he discovered he could carve a mortise and tenon joint as a young man?

The segment also revealed that Offerman runs a wood-working co-op out of his own shop in L.A. (For any prospective members, or Swanson stalkers, they’re currently undertaking an exciting cutting board campaign.) The actor suggested anyone interested in getting into the hobby seek out resources online or just ask around their community. An old man (or woman) is bound to know a thing or two about hard work considering smart phones, social media and humanity’s general laziness are fairly recent developments in our society.

It’s great advice, but, sadly, the only thing we’ll remember is the unintended dirty joke with which the host of the show ended the segment. Really, he should think before giving advice like “find an old lady in the neighborhood and keep your steel sharp.” The internet has a dirty mind.