Nick Will Air A Never-Before-Seen ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Episode

We’ll get back to gushing about Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead soon enough, but I’d like to take a moment to discuss another important TV moment airing tonight: a long-lost, never-before-seen episode of Rocko’s Modern Life, one of the few shows from your childhood that still holds up. And by holds up, I mean, its phone sex and gay jokes are much funnier now than they were then, when it originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1993-1996.

Here’s what Nick has to say about the episode.

Now, this could be an April Fool’s Day joke — all of the footage in the promo for the episode is old — or maybe just an elaborate marketing strategy around the season four DVD (you can see creator Joe Murray painting the cover here). Or, here’s hoping, it could be the sequel to Wacky Deli. FINALLY, we’ll find out who the cheese really is.

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