Here’s What Happened To Your Favorite Nickelodeon Game-Show Hosts

03.03.16 3 years ago


There was simply no better way to waste a couple hours in front of the television for a kid in the ’90s than vegging out to Nickelodeon. The cable station was one the first to offer original programming geared solely towards kids — at least until Nick at Nite took over in the evening with reruns of F Troop.

While Nick’s scripted shows like Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains it All were solid entertainment, they couldn’t hold a candle to the game shows. It was every kid’s dream in the ’90s to dig through a giant boogery nose on Double Dare or scale the Crag on GUTS. The game-show hosts presented ridiculous obstacle courses and tests of both knowledge and athleticism for the contestants.

While the golden era of Nick’s game shows may have passed, we will be getting a movie revival of Legends of the Hidden Temple. In anticipation of that ’90s nostalgia overdose, let’s check in with the hosts from Nick’s game-show glory days.

Kirk Fogg — Legends of the Hidden Temple (1993-1995)


Nickelodeon/Great Big Story

Yes, Kirk Fogg was the human host of this ancient ruin-themed game show, but we all know the real host was talking head Olmec. While Olmec is likely collecting dust in some Florida warehouse, Fogg who started his career as an actor in New York City went on to do commercial work — like this 2013 VW ad — and made his directorial debut with the thriller Distortion in 2006. These days, Fogg resides in California with his wife and two children. As for the impossible Legends task of assembling the silver monkey, it made many a kid crack under the pressure:

“The damn thing was hard to put together. Feet-belly-head sounds easy but putting them facing out was kind of difficult when the clock is ticking, you’re about to throw up, and there are psychotic temple guards on the loose.”

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