Nicki Minaj Says She Was Completely Naked During Her VMA’S Wardrobe Malfunction

Nicki Minaj almost had the wardrobe malfunction to top all wardrobe malfunctions at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. She almost made everyone forget about Janet’s Jackson boob at the Super Bowl. In Minaj’s own words, she was “butt-ass naked” when her dress ripped on stage.

“…and sure enough, we didn’t have a real quick change right there so it was literally my whole team standing there, holding curtains around me and it was pitch-black and I couldn’t see anything and right before it was time for me to walk out, they went to zip it up and nothing. And right there I thought I died. I didn’t have any underwear, no underwear, no bra. Cause I had just taken off the “Anaconda” outfit, so I was butt-ass naked.”

The only thing separating us and a face-full of Nicki Minaj’s booty was material stretched to its absolute max. A little black dress that left nothing to the imagination. Folks, we were this close to MTV going off the air. But where would I watch music videos Isaac?