Nicki Minaj Will Join Mariah Carey At The New 'American Idol' Judges' Table

08.20.12 19 Comments

According to US Weekly, rapper and human Barbie doll Nicki Minaj has agreed to join Mariah Carey as the second judge on the revamped version of American Idol this fall. Sort of. Maybe. Probably. I’ll let US Weekly explain:

“I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it,” one insider reveals. “A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.”

A second source says the “Super Bass” rapper, 29, is “100% confirmed to judge American Idol.” Reps for FOX and Minaj had no comment when contacted by US.

Fair enough. As far as who will join Carey and Minaj in the final seat at the judges’ table, there are at least two candidates currently being considered:

As Us exclusively reported in late July, Nick Jonas, 19, is also in the running to fill one of the vacant seats at the judges’ table. (Randy Jackson, 56, is being moved into a “mentoring role,” according to a source.)

The “Who I Am” singer later confirmed the news via Twitter. “I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol,” Jonas wrote. “And it would be a dream come true if it happens.” N.E.R.D. rapper Pharrell Williams, 39, is also being considered, according to insiders.

I have two thoughts about this:

1) With people like Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine, and now maybe a Jonas or a Neptune filling all the judges’ chairs on the television singing competitions, it’s getting awfully rough out there for washed-up C-list singers from years past. Well, harder, I should say. “Reality show judge” had been their fall back gig for so long, and now that’s being taken by the people who still actually have music careers. It’s not fair. I mean, how is someone like Lou Bega supposed to afford his hat-buying habit without a gig on America’s Best Mambo Guy Or Whatever in two or three years? Share the wealth, guys.

2) I don’t actually have a second thought. I just really wanted to post this video of a cat singing the Game of Thrones theme, and if I don’t do it here we may not get to it today. So here you go.

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