Nicole Kidman Returns To Pour Salt In Jimmy Fallon’s Romantic Wounds With Help From Keith Urban

It’s been close to two years since Nicole Kidman stopped by The Tonight Show and surprised Jimmy Fallon with news that he blew his chance to date her before she ended up with Keith Urban. There was talk of Brie, some video games, and some definite embarrassment over the missed opportunity. It was a seemingly genuine event on late night television, at least as genuine as you can find these days, and it really made watching Fallon worth it.

Now Kidman is back on the show to promote her new film, Lion, but the entire interview basically revolves around jokes on their failed connection. Not only that, but Kidman has brought along her husband Keith Urban to help toss some salt in the wound. It’s a little less genuine this time around, but there is a little more to the original story that involves Fallon missing a second opportunity to ask for Nicole Kidman’s number. It apparently happened at David Fincher’s house during some sort of buffet party — though I really want to believe David Fincher just has a buffet in his home at all times — and Fallon ignored his chance and doesn’t even remember the occasion. That’s a man who clearly doesn’t know a good thing, like a buffet in your home. Questlove sums it up here:

After dropping this right on Fallon’s lap, Kidman calls out her husband and his guitar so she can sit on his lap and almost make out with him on national television. They must really like each other and that’s great to see. All those years under Scientology, just do your thing.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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