Nightmare Fuel: Mr. Blow Up

12.14.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

I’m all about equality here at Warming Glow, which is why I try to treat everyone with the same amount of disdain, whether they be fatties, uggos, foreigners, furries, or “Oprah” fans. I’ve even made fun of women with big boobs, and they’re the best people on the planet. And so it is in the spirit of equality that I introduce you to Mr. Blow Up, the United Kingdom’s leader in inflatable latex fetishism. Commenter Upstate Underdog writes:

This was on some TV channel over in England. F*cking weird stuff, maybe even too weird for Warming Glow.

Too weird for Warming Glow?!?! I think not! That’s a gauntlet I’m going to pick up. After you watch the video, come with me on a journey through the most troubling images in the video.

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