Nike Stores Taking Down ‘Boston Massacre’ Shirts

Late Show with David Letterman producer Eric Stangel was hanging around a Nike Outlet store yesterday, when he noticed a shirt that may not have turned any heads prior to this week. But as you can see above, the shirt in question reads “Boston Massacre”, a reference to the infamous 1770 attack led by British soldiers against civilians, except this time it means baseball, because GRRRRRRRR POWER HITTERS AND GRAND SLAMS!

Of course, after last Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, the shirt could be viewed as insensitive, which is why Stangel told a store employee that these shirts shouldn’t be sold, to which he received this response:

“We’ve been taking them down, but somehow they keep ending up back on the rack.”

Obviously, the store is haunted. That’s the only logical explanation.