Omarion And Nikki Glaser Perform A Smooth R&B Song For Guys Who Are Bad In Bed

Nikki Glaser is seriously on a roll with her delightfully raunchy Comedy Central talk show, Not Safe With Nikki Glaser. Last week, Nikki and her buddy Kristen Schaal were acting coaches for porn stars. We didn’t think she could possibly top that, but now she’s teamed up with singer Omarion to record “Like They Do”, a smooth and funky R&B track about guys who are simply horrible in the sack. Nikki explains to Omarion that all R&B songs are about how great people are in bed, so she wants to flip the script.

Glaser interviewed a few brave souls about their worst sexual experiences and then Omarion’s buttery vocals, a decent beat, and a dash of Autotune was added creating a comedic masterpiece. Is it this year’s “Milk Milk Lemonade”? Not quite, but Omarion and Glaser are able to spin horrible sex stories into a song that’s very catchy.

So how bad are these sex tales? One guy had his mother walk in on him while he was getting a blow job which Omarion sings, “Was about to skeet on my Sponge Bob sheets, now they’re red like I juiced some beets.” Another very naive man thought it would be a great idea to use hotel shampoo as lubricant for anal sex, which Omarion describes as, “It hurts so bad, makes the booty hole sad. Got Johnson & Johnson all over my johnson.” You would think these guys probably told Nikki their stories while wearing paper bags over their heads, but they’re proud as hell and are even featured in the music video.